Cement – Tube mill internals – Shell liners


Cement - Shell Liners

The Group Industries manufactures Inlet discharge Head, First Chamber and Second Chamber Liners to provide optimum productivity and power consumption for all types of Tube Mill used in the Cement industry.

Work at its own Research facilities, together with proven experience in the field, has enabled The Group Industries to develop a range of liners that are tailored to operate at maximum cost-effectiveness for the conditions of the individual mill.  The benefits of this experience include:

Shell liners can be supplied in either bolted or boltless design, as per either DIN standard or Non DIN shell drilling pattern.  The advantages of the boltless system include the ability to keep a lower inventory of liners and reduced environmental impact due to reduction in dust losses.

AIAE/VEGA Industries' liners are supplied under UVL trademark and can be used for a variety of applications.

To see how AIAE/VEGA Industries' liners could improve your efficiency and for a free copy of the product specifications and applications, please contact your regional representative.  For information on other cost-saving products from AIAE/VEGA Industries' please return to our Cement Industries page.