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Dipping tubes / Thimbles / Immersion Tubes for pre-heater cyclones
Clamp  for Dipping tubes / Thimbles /
Conventional Cooler Grate Plates
CFG Cooler Grate Plates
Conventional Cooler Grate Plates

Tip CastingCFG Cooler Grate PlatesRFT Cooler Grate Plates
Clinker Hammers in Sinter CastCFG Cooler Grate Plates AssemblyClinker Hammers

Cast not fabricated
Some operators of pre heaters, kilns and coolers use fabricated tubes, but The Group Industries recommends cast dipping tubes, segmented along their height and circumference. The advantages of this system are that the cast segments are designed to go through the cyclone manhole and the segments can be cast in a variety of grades, sizes and thickness according to working conditions for the individual cyclone.

Easier, stronger, longer lasting
In addition to simplified installation procedures, the facility to choose different grades and specifications improves reliability and extends the working life of the unit.  Customers can specify international standards for alloys or opt for the higher standards of The Group Industries alloys.  These latter castings are designed and supplied with guarantees for working life and separation efficiency characteristics.

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