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Grinding Media

The cost of fuel processing plays an important part in the economics of power generation.  Finding ways to reduce these costs makes a significant contribution to efficiency. The Group has developed a range of grinding media that works harder and lasts longer than conventional grinding media and so is a simple but effective contribution to reducing processing cost.

Improved grinding media give better performance
These new formulations of grinding media are already being used with great success in fuel processing for the power industry in India.  Vega Industries, working with parent company AIA Engineering, has extended the working life of some types of grinding media by as much as 200 to 300%, when compared to conventionally-produced media.

Advantages of the new grinding media include:

For more information on suitable grinding media for your applications, please contact your regional representative.  Grinding media is just one of the ways Vega Industries can help improve cost-effectiveness.  For more information and products, please return to our Power Generation Industry page.