Consciously caring for community, heritage and environment.

Our CSR initiatives are an extension of our values and commitment to the society. Since inception, we have made a conscious effort to contribute in meaningful ways to the community who positively impact AIA Engineering Ltd.

Our programs have been developed with a keen understanding of what matters to the community and are designed to provide incremental benefits to them.

We have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it. AIA Engineering Ltd. works passionately to implement this idea in practice. Right from our innovations and facilities to our CSR programs, the underlying idea is to create incremental value for all those who are associated with us.

Bhadresh Shah
Managing Director & Promoter
AIA Engineering Ltd.

Education is the foundational step when it comes to developing awareness, critical thinking, and a capacity for self-improvement. At AIA Engineering Ltd. we are committed to supporting India’s education system through innovative engineering solutions and are proud to contribute towards the flourishment of young minds of the country. Activities like Gyan Deep Programme and the AIA CSR Foundation Scholarship Programme – Vidyasaarathi have benefitted over 5000 students till date and we wish to contribute more with time to build our tomorrow.


At AIA Engineering Ltd. we believe in the value of investing in health, and in the physical and mental wellbeing of the society. We have undertaken a number of initiatives to help and provide food, nutrition supplement, clothes, etc. to various sections of the society. Initiatives like holding meditation sessions by Chetana Empowerment Foundation and Covid 19 relief and rehabilitation have proved to be beneficial to more than 15000 people. AIA has also made CSR contributions to Zydus Foundation, Gujarat Cancer Society, Sanjivani Health and Relief Committee amongst others for health and well-being of public at large.


We believe that preserving the country’s national heritage is a moral responsibility of a corporate entity, as it is an intangible treasure that we pass on to our future generations. In line with our beliefs and value systems, we regularly contribute towards preserving and upkeep of India’s national heritage monuments. The Shiva Statue at Nathdwara, Rajasthan, is one of the projects that AIA Engineering Ltd. recently collaborated with the Govt. Of Rajasthan. This not only promotes tourism but also improves employment opportunities for locals.


AIA Engineering Ltd. understands the importance of conserving the environment, reducing the impact of industrial waste production, and the active role of corporations required to achieve sustainability. While as a company we are green in our operations and believe in reuse and recycling, as a part of our CSR activities, the company has undertaken numerous tree plantation drives, the creation of oxygen parks and land reclamation projects to support the green initiatives.


AIA Engineering Ltd. believes in the importance of sports due to the impact it has on health and work life. We have taken certain initiatives with the objective of promoting sports with a special focus on training for rural sports, nationally recognised sports, Paralympic sports, and Olympic sports. Our contribution to the field of sports ranges from individual to state to national levels. We have a vision to support India become a recognized nation with respect to this field.