Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible Company, AIA believes in giving back to the society. The Company creates a positive impact and provides inclusive growth within the communities, in which we work.

Eradicating Hunger


Prevention & Promoting Healthcare


Promoting of Education & Vocational skills


Protection of National Heritage, Art & Culture


Protection of Environment & Animal Welfare


Education Initiatives

Every individual has the fundamental right to education. It is the preliminary step in developing people’s awareness, critical thinking, and capacity for self-improvement. India has approximately 1.5 million schools with over 260 million students enrolled and over 42,000 higher education institutions. Although it boasts one of the largest higher education systems in the world, there is still a lot of potential for improvement. At AIA, we are committed towards supporting India’s education system towards flourishment.

Gyan Deep Programme (AIA Engineering Digital Classroom Project)

AIA Company has continued to expand the Company’s educational initiative called as Gyan Deep Programme through AIA CSR Foundation. This initiative was designed to improve the quality of education in Government primary schools from 1st grade to 8th grade. It focuses on advancing digital education in these schools. It is a multi-year programme involving three agencies i.e. Yuva Unstoppable, Jeevantirth and Zeal Educational Consultants Private Limited and is implemented through digital smart classrooms and tablet laboratories. It is located in Ahmedabad, providing critical and necessary training and education services to students, instructors, and parents throughout the year.

Students Benefitted

Jeevantirth VaaGaLe Utsav

Jeevantirth is implementing the ‘VaaGaLe Utsav’ - Joyful Learning & Meaningful Education project as part of AIA ‘GyanDeep Programme’ educational effort. This project has benefitted 11 Government schools in and around, Ahmedabad. The goal is to prepare them for child-centered education through knowledge construction, relationship-building activities, the creation of Activity Sheets, Working Materials, and Stationery for Students, and active participation in workshops such as scientific fairs. To re-ignite interest in the educational process in a pleasant and interactive way through experiential learning.

Training of the Educational Volunteers (BaalMitras) & Teachers

To prepare the BaalMitras for the child-centered education based on knowledge creation at Jeevantirth, Juna Koba, four half-day trainings were conducted. They received instruction on how to operate the VaaGaLe Kit and other TLMs (Teaching Learning Materials) effectively. The use of free talk, image talk, object talk, children’s songs, and storytelling was demonstrated through practical instruction. Teachers at the schools were urged to learn about and understand how to apply our TLMs from BaalMitras so that they could utilise them successfully as follow-up activities.

Government Schools Supported

Yuva Unstoppable

AIA, in collaboration with Yuva Unstoppable, aims to create and foster an atmosphere that encourages the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Government schools. Widespread availability of access devices, Internet connectivity, and promotion of ICT literacy are all important components of such an enabling environment. The goal is to enable every student of Government Schools to become ‘Digitally Literate’, as well as to prepare school teachers in the effective delivery of education via the use of IT resources and the most up-to-date techniques and aids. By fostering self-learning, this would help to promote critical thinking and analytical skills while also encouraging a shift in the learning environment from teacher-centred to student-centred.

We supported these schools with:

Smart TV

An interactive large screen television that anyone, teacher or student, can walk up to and use, with little or no training. Teachers may leverage the smart hardware and software of the Smart TV to improve student engagement and motivation.

Android Box

A set-top box that converts video content to digital or analog signals which can be displayed via Smart TV installed in the classrooms. This Android box comes with a pre-installed educational content for students from grades 1st to 8th

Installation of Educational Content on Tablet

Our field team have installed educational application like “Shala Mitra” and “G-Shala” on these tablets. These are comprehensive learning tools with educational content for standards 1st to 12th

Positive Impact on Students and Teachers

The students have been the largest beneficiary of this educational initiative. At AIA, we supported these students by:

  • Enhancing and enriching the learning process of every child
  • Offering interactive graphical animated content for better understanding
  • Providing interesting and joyful learning
  • Explaining the correct usage of technologies like computer, mobile phone, internet among others as part of the learning process

With the use of interactive, graphically animated content as well as lesson planning, lesson summaries, and further reading for assistance and understanding, Interactive Teaching-Learning Solutions have assisted teachers significantly.

Zeal Education

AIA CSR Foundation, an initiative of AIA Engineering Limited, signed an agreement with Zeal Educational Consultants Private Limited in January 2022 to undertake its ‘Turning Point’ Programme with seven selected schools in and around Changodar, Ahmedabad near manufacturing plant of AIA. All schools were invited to send two teachers to a five-day training programme to learn how to teach in a fun and experimental way.

AIA CSR FOUNDATION Scholarship PROGRAMME – Vidyasaarathi

According to the AISHE (All India Survey on Higher Education Report), just 27.1% of Indians are enrolled in higher education. Considering the enormous dropout rate in higher education enrolment, which stands at more than 73%, there needs to be significant introspection.

Through a unique education scholarship management system called Vidyasaarathi, the AIA CSR Foundation addresses challenges of education among the impoverished and creates employment prospects through educational support. It assists deserving students in overcoming the major obstacle of pursuing higher education by removing the financial barrier, so contributing to the country’s education and growth. Vidyasaarathi is an initiative by Proteane Gov Technologies Ltd. (earlier known as NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd.) It is an online portal that connects corporates and students onto a single platform and helps effectively implement an end to end scholarship grant programme. TATA Institute of Social Sciences supports the Vidyasaarathi initiative. It serves as the Central Trust for the distribution of Vidyasaarathi scholarships.

Healthcare Initiatives

CHETANA Empowerment

Chetana Empowerment Foundation, in collaboration with AIA, is trying to de-stigmatise mental health and create a positive mental health environment. It held 300 meditation webinars in which more than 15,000 persons took part and benefitted greatly.

Plantation Initiative

Another major initiative of AIA is protecting the environment and reducing carbon footprint. The Company has undertaken initiatives such as ‘Plantation’ and ‘Reclamation of Land’ and successfully planted 1,00,000 trees during the year.

Trees Planted during the year