Value-accretive Strategies

AIA has become one of the most successful companies in supplying and installing wear components because of our legacy and experience in grinding and crushing operations. The Company has created, nurtured, supported, and extended its geographical footprint internationally for over three decades with a unique value proposition, based on a growth strategy focused on a stable business model, unique approach, and capacity to supply specialty solutions.

Growth Strategies

Customer Satisfaction

The Company’s objective is to provide consumers with optimised solutions based on a technical assessment of their needs. The Company has enabled quality checks at various points to ensure increased customer satisfaction.


to closely monitor installation of every wear part.

Mill Audits

to ensure improved operative efficiencies.


to ensure quality, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and timely replenishment of inventory.

Tangible Benefits

Tangible Benefits with each product aiding in the reduction of wear costs, optimisation of mill operations, reduction of power costs, and increased throughput. And also guarding against abrasion, corrosion, and impact during the grinding process.

Consistent Capex

The Company is focused on expanding its manufacturing facilities to meet the global demand. AIA is nearing the completion of its mill liners capacity expansion and also initiated the expansion of its grinding media capacity. These components will be included in customised solutions, allowing our customers to lower their throughput and expenses significantly. During 2021-22, the Company spent ₹ 125.47 Crores on capital expenditures. The Company’s installed capacity stands at 3,90,000 MT.

Mining Liner Project

The Company is nearing completion on a Mill Liners manufacturing plant with a capacity of 50,000 MT, which is slated to be operational in June 2022. The total installed capacity after this extension will be 4,40,000 TPA.

Kerala GIDC Projectst

The Company has opted to proceed with its brownfield grinding media capacity development. It proposes to add 80,000 MT of capacity at a cost of ₹ 200 Crores, with commissioning expected by the end of 2023-24.

The Company expect a CAPEX of ₹ 300 Crores for FY23 which includes regular CAPEX , the Mill Lining Project, Grinding Media Expansion Project and Hybrid Power Projects.