Vega’s EEPL technology results in over 18% improvement in hardened ore throughput

Product – Vega EEPL Technology

Location – A country in West Africa

Client – A leading gold mine in the region

Result – Improved grinding and impact condition and optimized ball mill circuit.

VEGA successfully completed trial for SAG mill for a large Gold Mine in West Africa by
installing Energy Efficient Pulp Lifter (EEPL) as against existing Curved Pulp Lifter in 2019.


The mine earlier had a curved pulp lifter, which was not efficient in grinding, and was thus suffering from a perennial issue of mill shell liner breakage and was ineffective against hard ore.


A change from curved pulp lifter to Vega EEPL was implemented where the impact conditions were suitably altered to improve grinding by removing the pooling effectively. The shell liner breakage issue was resolved by redesigning the liner profile to match with the improved impact conditions in the mill.

Significant reduction in transfer size (t80) was observed which ultimately helped in optimizing the ball mill circuit.

The mine had gone deeper and the ore characteristics and hardness had changed significantly (more harder ore).

Treating this hard ore with previous curved pulp lifter would have resulted in a drop of throughput by 18%. Thanks to Vega EEPL technology, despite the hardened ore, there was no impact on throughput.

Continuous wear monitoring as a part of continuous improvement has helped in improving and optimizing the liner life.