Sustainable solutions to Mining industries

Vega is in technical partnership with mining companies globally to solve challenges faced by them. We offer solutions from grinding process to down-stream process optimization and have substantially large manufacturing capacities for High Chrome Grinding Media and mill lining systems.

Our commitment is to deliver reduction in wear cost, improve equipment availability, enhance mill productivity, reduce energy cost (Carbon foot-print) and improve metal recoveries through optimization in flotation process.

The extensive field experience and engineering know how coupled with continuous R&D are supported by a strong service network guaranteeing a profitable solution to customers.

AIA/VEGA manufactures High chromium cast Grinding Media which is wear, corrosion and impact resistant helps in efficient Ball Mill grinding.

Our Grinding Media is tailor made for each milling application. There is a wide range of alloying options which are decided after adequate test work and technical analysis. We manufacture Grinding Media with chrome content ranging from 3% to 33% in sizes ranging from 12mm to 125mm as required by the application.

Enhanced profitability of mining companies is assured with Vega High Chrome Grinding Media solutions.

  • Wear cost
    • Superior metallurgy and knowledge in mining applications ensure reduced consumption rate and wear cost
    • Marked Ball Test (MBT) tests are conducted to arrive at minimum wear cost of Grinding Media (TCO). Chrome content with specific metallurgy varies for different kinds of ores
  • Downstream Process
    • MillART approach with High Chrome Grinding Media unlocks hidden opportunities in improving metal recovery, concentrate grade, and optimize reagent scheme for flotation process
  • Supply chain
    • The large manufacturing capacity with a robust logistic network and facility of strategically located warehouses across the globe ensures continuity of supply
  • MillART Services
    • Ball size optimization program, Grinding audit surveys, electro chemistry mapping, portable onsite laboratory, circuit Mass balancing

Proprietary liner design and alloys deliver enhanced wear life and throughput in both for AG/SAG mills, Ball mills (Overflow or grate discharge), Vertimill and Rod Mills.

Our Liner design influences milling process in terms of output, grind (particle size distribution) and energy efficiency while improving life without risk of failure. Onsite technical support ensures guaranteed performance.

Shell liners

Shell liner design is critical aspect to facilitate efficient mill performance along with higher mill availability.

Vega’s design objectives:

  • Increased life cycle – reduced mill downtime
  • Ball trajectory to optimize grinding efficiency
  • No risk of breakage of mill internals
  • Cost optimum solution

The design is based on multiple parameters such as ore quality, feed size, required product, Grinding Media size and media/pulp volume.

End Liners- Feed and Discharge

Our design objective is to ensure feed end liners match life of shell liners to reduce multiple mill stoppages.

The discharge end liners include pulp lifters and grates (slotted plates) have a pivotal role in SAG mill operation for optimum particle breakage rate, slurry discharge rate, eliminate flow back and slurry pooling. This results into improved performance.

Vega offers its state-of-the-art pulp lifters which are designed using patented EEPL technology for improved grinding efficiency in SAG /AG mills. Our offerings also include conventional radial or curved pulp lifter.


Vega offers optimized Cr-Mo steel and martensitic steel alloys for lining system.

  • Increased liner life cycle
  • Reduced mill downtime
  • Quick installation
  • Optimum transfer size
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased throughput

Liner design Modelling:


It utilizes an advanced model to predict the motion of the outermost Grinding Media in a rotary grinding mill. MillTraj provides-

  • Toe Point of the Charge
  • Ball Trajectory of the outermost Grinding Media

The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is a numerical technique for predicting the behavior of bulk solids. DEM modelling of tumbling mills reveals the characteristics of the mill media motion, predicting the wear of lifters, and energy consumption under various conditions. It helps in simulating several features of SAG mills and AG mills.

Metal liner solutions

  • Ball Mill Shell liners
  • End Liners- Feed and Discharge
  • EEPL Solution in Ball mill application (know more)


Vega offers optimized Cr-Mo steel, martensitic steel and white iron (16 -25% Cr) alloys for Ball Mill Lining System.


  • Increased life
  • Optimal lifter profile from process and maintenance benefits
  • Improved ball trajectory with custom lifter design
  • Improved output
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Steeper particle size distribution

Rubber liner solution:

  • Ball Mill Shell liners
  • End Liners- Feed and Discharge


  • Reduced weight compared to metal solutions
  • Ease of installation
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Reduction in mill weight

Composite liner solution:

  • Ball Mill Shell liners
  • End Liners- Feed and Discharge


  • Reduced weight compared to metal solutions
  • Ease of installation
  • Increased life
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Reduction in mill weight

Metal Liner Solutions

  • Shell liners
  • Feed and Discharge End Liners


Vega offers optimized Cr-Mo steel, martensitic steel and white iron (14 – 26% Cr) alloys for Rod Mill lining system.


  • Increased life
  • Optimal lifter profile for maintenance benefits

Vertimill Lining system

These types of mills are common for fine grinding in mining plants. Vega/AIA provides a customised liner solution for better life in mono metal and Sinter cast solutions.



  • Selection of optimum alloy steel without impurities
  • Hardware is produced with best forging process and suitable heat treatment to get required toughness

EEPL working concept:

Charge motion and Material transport are pillars for Efficient particle breakage.

Unlock potential with Vega – EEMS pulp lifter system

SAG Mill: Get highest life and performance than any other pulp lifter design available in Mining Industry.

  • Increase SAG throughput upto 20%
  • SAG Power saving upto 20%
  • Finer T80/ steeper particle size distribution
  • Improved wear life of mill internals
  • Lower circulating load in Ball Mill circuit

Unlock potential with Vega – EEMS pulp lifter system in Ball Mill – From Overflow to EEPL system

At Vega, our endeavour is to deliver a pioneering solution to the mining industry to tackle modern mining challenges through MillART technique in combination with Ball Mill conversion to EEPL system.

Ball mill conversion project involves installing grates and EEPL system at the discharge end which facilitates flow through grates with a higher hydraulic gradient. Efficiency of Ball Mill operation increases substantially due to improved mineral particle breakage rate and slurry discharge.


Vega’s custom design liner with EEPL as comprehensive solution guarantee the substantial operational profitability.

Three delta benefits:

MillART – Mill Grinding & Advanced Recovery Technology

Solution from Grinding to Flotation

VEGA is the only company globally that offers MillART which is an innovative and holistic solution resulting into improved liner life, better mill output, energy savings and mineral recovery benefits.

Leverage MillART to your advantage -
Guaranteed results with testimonials from our customers for -

Mill Liner Life

Upto 50%

Mill Throughput

5 - 20%

Mill Energy

25 - 40%

Mineral Recovery

2 - 4%

Contact your Vega Specialists for a Mill Audit in your plant today!

1. Improved Lifecycle - Optimized design of Liners

Know More

2. Increased Throughput - EEPL

Know More

3. Grind Circuit Optimization

Grinding survey:
  • Sample collection across various streams of grinding circuit in a steady state of operation
  • Feed sample collection for SMC test
  • Crash Stop and Grind Out of SAG Mill/AG Mill
  • Data Collection (DCS, Equipment Data etc.)
  • Particle Size Analysis, % solids of all collected samples
Mass Balancing (using JKSimMet)
  • Balancing the grind survey data using JKSimMet software
Model Calibration and Simulations (using JKSimMet)
  • Process model preparation based on the above collected data
  • Below simulations can be performed across equipment as listed below-
    • SAG Mill – Change in % open area, ball size, ball load, A, b, ta, % critical speed etc.
    • Ball Mill – Change in BWI, top up size, ball load, % critical speed etc.
    • Hydro cyclone – Change in dimensions (Spigot, vortex finder, cylinder length, no. of cyclones in operation etc.)

4. Liner Wear Monitoring

  • It is crucial to understand the wear profile of mill lining to determine the re-lining schedule and to access the possibility of optimising lining design for which Vega provides mill lining scanning facility.

5. Guaranteed Fitment and Installation Support

  • We provide on-site installation support with our installation engineer
  • A site/equipment specific installation and safety manual is provided for trouble free erection
  • Field service team is fully engaged with end-user for post commissioning support and help stabling /optimizing mill operations

6. Selection of Grinding Media Alloy for superior wear performance

  • Grinding media wear is influenced by abrasion, impact, and corrosion. Mines have varying ore requiring a customized grade of HiCr media
  • To reduce wear cost, Vega’s approach is to conduct onsite Marked Ball Test (MBT)

7. Selection of Grinding Media to Improve Mineral Recoveries

  • Suitable alloy of High Chrome provides cleaner pulp and optimum electrochemistry to improve floatation / leach circuit
  • Our portable lab can be deployed onsite to carry out experimentation work (bench tests) to identify suitable alloy for improving mineral recoveries and concentrate grade. This laboratory is provided with required equipment for onsite test work
  • AIA research centre is based in India for doing more detailed test work offsite in partnership with University of Queensland, Australia

8. Ball Size Optimization Test Work and Ore Grindability Test to Optimize Grind

  • Vega ball size testing facility includes pilot-scale test mill to determine optimal ball size based on breakage kinetics for individual application. Correct ball size in Ball Mill application results in better mill efficiency and particle size distribution
  • Vega Industries’ ore characterization facility has a Bond’s Work index Ball Mill
Vega’s High Chrome Media Results

Vega’s High Chrome potential in creating a strong impact on improving the grinding conditions, suitable for high flotation performance is realized with the following case.

A Gold Plant In Africa

VEGA successfully completed trial for SAG mill for a large Gold Mine in West Africa by installing Energy Efficient Pulp Lifter (EEPL) as against existing Curved Pulp Lifter in 2019.

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant In India

VEGA successfully converted an overflow Ball Mill to grate discharge Ball Mill by installing Energy Efficient Pulp Lifter (EEPL) at an iron ore mine located in INDIA.

AIA Engineering and Vega Industries believe in strategic global partnerships to further innovations, improve quality and provide holistic services to our client.


EEMS ( Energy Efficient Milling Solutions) LLC Has deep expertise in providing energy-efficient solutions to de bottleneck and improve performance of AG/SAG/Ball Mill circuits to the mining industry. This US based partner has expertise in simulations of grinding circuit. They have even designed the innovative and unique EEPL (Energy Efficient Pulp Lifter) liner design through a holistic approach of mill study.

Ore 2 Metal

A unique Mine to Metal approach to optimize grind, chemistry and recovery which is done by setting the right grind conditions, identifying the right chemistry and setting the right flotation and /or leach conditions.

University of Queensland -VEGA Grinding And Floatation Chemistry Centre

Vega Industries partnership with the University of Queensland, Chemical Engineering department has resulted in the UQ-VEGA Grinding And Floatation Chemistry Centre.

This collaboration, lead by Prof Yongjun Pen (Centre Director) at the School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland, brings strong research support team onboard.


Vega Industries has a partnership with Mining Product and Services, Australia.

Mining Products and Service (MPS) is an Australian based company specializes in the Design & Optimization of Mill Linings for the Mineral Processing Industry.

Mining Products and Service (MPS) has over 25 years’ experience in mill lining systems (Liner design, metallurgy, project management, quality control and Optimization). MPS personnel have worked on projects in a diverse range of mineralogical and geographical locations.