“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children.”

As a business that works closely with natural resources, AIA Engineering Ltd. /Vega Industries, follows the golden rules of conservation - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, strictly. Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency by lowering our dependencies on fossil fuels and embracing circular economy.


AIA Engineering Ltd./ Vega Industries is committed to minimizing the adverse impact of its activities and operations on the environment.

  • Robust management process for tracking compliance with applicable environmental regulation
  • Compliant with all EHS Regulations stipulated under Indian environmental laws
  • Annual Environmental Impact Assessments for key manufacturing plants
Governance Structure
  • An Apex Sustainability Committee that develops the management systems for ESG and climate change
  • The Risk Management Committee, responsible for identifying and monitoring environmental, social, and governance risks like climate change, human rights, and environmental compliance


AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries understands that the efficiency of the processes carried out by the company is key when it comes to sustainability.

Melting Techniques
  • Melting: We use induction furnace for all our melting operations that use electricity. The closed loop process ensures that the loss of energy and heat is minimal, helping reduce GHG emission
Heat Treatment
  • Heat treatment: Direct energy is used in the heat treatment process at all our foundry units. We use Piped Natural Gas instead of other fossil fuel. In order to reduce our Scope 1 emissions
  • We have also installed flue gas recuperates on all the gas (PNG) fired Heat Treatment Furnaces. It helps improve furnace efficiency and recover heat from the flue gases. The waste heat recovered is used in preheating the combustion air supply to the burners


AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries believes that energy reduction plays a critical role in establishing sustainable practices.

Energy Reduction Measures
  • Conversion of its 8 MT Induction Melting Furnace from 5MW to 6MW, which will save approximately 10 Units/MT of charge daily
  • Installation of high-efficiency induced draft fan for rotary shake instead of dust collector
  • Replacement of 40 HP pumps with 15 HP energy efficient pumps
  • Installed wind energy turbines to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption
  • Replacement of electrical motors with highly energy-efficient IE-3 electrical motors


AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries has developed a long-term strategy to address emissions by investing in a systemic increase in the percentage of renewable energy out of the total energy consumed by the company.

Wind Energy

AIA has installed 11 Wind Energy Turbines at the Kutch and Jamjodhpur sites which has installed capacity 24.3 MW of renewable energy.

In addition, AIA has added two Hybrid Projects (4.2 MW Windmill + 3.78 MWp Solar) at Village Dedan, Gujarat. As of July 2023, AIA Engineering has undertaken clean energy initiatives, generating 31.8 MW wind energy and 5.58 MW solar energy, taking total renewable energy capacity to 37.38 MW.


AIA Engineering Ltd./ Vega Industries takes all necessary measures to check and prevent pollution.

Air Quality

All stacks are adequate in height and critical stacks are linked to an online stack monitoring system. AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries contracts third-party agencies and experts to monitor air quality as per the ambient air quality standards stipulated by the State Pollution Control Board.

Emission free production

Additionally, AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries has an internal process to ensure emission-free production. The Dust Extraction (DE) system or Fume Extraction (FE) system is linked to the production equipment functioning, and failure in any of these will trigger an alarm which automatically shuts down production.


At AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries, water is utilized for industrial purposes such as cooling the furnace coils, in the moulding process, and in the cooling towers. Other activities where water is used includes in canteens for drinking, sanitation, and gardening. We have a robust system for water management:

Internal Audits and Training:

AIA Engineering Ltd. /Vega Industries conducts trainings on water management conservation amongst all employees from time to time. In addition, an annual water audit is conducted at all of our plant location. Audit observation and recommendation are implemented without bias and on a priority basis.

Monitoring and Tracking:

We monitor and analyse the water consumption patterns to ensure an overall water balance and to capture spikes in water consumption, if any. Water meters are installed at points of withdrawal to maintain ground water balance.

Rainwater Harvesting:

AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries have installed a rainwater harvesting system to recharge groundwater. Rooftop and run off rainwater are recharged through recharge wells along with the presence of a pre-filtration system

Zero Water Discharge:

AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries ensures Complete Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is maintained. Dry-type cooling tower is installed which reduces blow down drastically. The cooling tower blow-down is then further reused in the plant. Similarly, grey water or sewage is treated in the STP plant, which comprise of a three-tier system and an ultra-filtration water purification system. Treated water is reused in the plant.


In order to move to a sustainable model of waste management, AIA Engineering Ltd. / Vega Industries is transitioning from a ‘linear business model’ to a cradle-to-cradle ‘circular business model’.

Waste Hierarchical Approach
  • A ‘waste hierarchical approach’ is applied to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste products, as opposed to the disposal of waste, in order to achieve a circular economy. Where possible, we explore opportunities for the use of recycled materials, and reuse of waste generated by us
  • We ensure strict compliance with the stipulated norms in line with the laws related to hazardous waste management, batteries, and e-waste management. All waste generated by us is re-melted into the furnace or recycled through authorised recyclers and vendors


  • We are committed to promote Occupational health of our staff and workers and prevent accident and injuries during the operations
  • We believe that continuous improvement in our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental practices and performance shall be the key to the company’s future development and success. Our ultimate ambition is zero harm. Our commitment to the Occupational health & safety of all employees, contract workforce and visitors to our sites is set out in Occupational Health & Safety Policy