Customer case stories

Vcast– Vega’s latest innovation in VRM, results in significant improvement in Mill Output, Wear Life and Specific Power Consumption

Product – Vcast Grinding Elements for VRM

Location – A specific country plant in the region

Client – A cement plant in South East Asia

Result – Significant improvement in Mill Output, Wear Life and Specific Power Consumption


The following case study demonstrates Vega Industries’ expertise in providing productive and sustainable solutions for Mill product performance and quality with the help of Vcast Rollers.



With escalating energy costs and market demand, a Cement Plant in South East Asia felt a pressing need for highly energy efficient grinding systems which also delivered improved and consistent process and performance parameters along with long life of grinding elements.

This plant is into 100 % GGBS Grinding, with max mill output of 155 TPH; which would drop continuously with the increasing wear on the grinding element. This deterioration in performance would go to as much as:

• About 5.5 % reduction in mill output
• About 7.0 % increase in power/energy

These elements would need to be hard-faced every 2000 hours, with the wear profile over the period showing patterns as under:


Vega Industries presented the client with a complete 360 degrees solutions, with following
intervention and solutions:
• Study of Application
• Supply of Vcast Rollers
• Recommendation for correction on Dam Ring, Support Ring, Roller Positioning
• Operational recommendations for Sustainability in mill product quality – especially the blaine
and residue on 45 microns


Improved Wear Life
Demonstrated User Benefits

The clients could see the following benefits –
• Significantly improved wear life of over 6500 hrs
• Increase in Mill Output by 5 %.
• Reduction in SPC by 5 %
• Output Reduction and SPC Increase within allowable limits of 5% over the
significantly increased life of the elements