AIA Engineering Limited | 33rd Annual Report 2022-23

Corporate Overview

Statutory Reports

Financial Statements

Industry Presence

With a long-standing history of delivering effective solutions, AIA has established itself as a trusted provider of wear components and innovative technologies. The Company’s expertise in metallurgy, grinding applications, and component design enables it to manufacture high-quality parts for tube mills, vertical mills, pulverisers, and more.


Countries Served

This map is a generalised illustration only for the ease of the reader to understand the locations, and it is not intended to be used for reference purposes. The representation of political boundaries and the names of geographical features/states do not necessarily reflect the actual position. The Company or any of its directors, officers or employees, cannot be held responsible for any misuse or misinterpretation of any information or design thereof. The Company does not warrant or represent any kind of connection concerning its accuracy or completeness.

Engineering Solutions

  • Strong foundation in the cement production industry, with a history of success
  • Specialised in providing effective solutions for worn-out parts in the cement sector as well as manufacturing parts for tube mills and vertical mills
  • Backed by extensive experience in metallurgy, grinding applications, and component design
  • Led by a unique manufacturing approach that significantly enhances the working life of components
  • Pioneer in innovative solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve cost effectiveness for customers
  • Grinding of limestone and cement
  • Focussed on minimising downtime in mining operations for achieving success
  • Specialised in producing durable wear components with extended lifespan, which reduce operating costs
  • Led by expertise in developing specialised alloys and advanced manufacturing techniques for various minerals
  • Producing modified components for specific mineral types. Thus, increasing efficiency of machinery while extracting
  • Pioneer in mill lining solutions to optimise throughput and reduce operational expenses
  • Mineral ore grinding prior to processing for separation of different materials
  • Crafting long-lasting wear components with extended durability for reduced operational costs
  • Innovating alloys and employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques customised for diverse minerals
  • Producing improvised shell liners & grinders that has a highly positive impact on the efficiency
  • Optimum utilisation of resources by the pulverisers which grind the coal and avoid any wastage before feeding them to the boiler
  • Coal grinding prior to entering the boiler
  • Created specialised alloys and manufacturing methods suitable for a range of mineral varieties
  • Producing enhanced wear machinery components for extraction purposes for increased productivity and profitability
  • Specialising in extraction of minerals like iron, gold, lead/zinc, bauxite copper and phosphorus
  • Crushing of aggregates