AIA Engineering Limited | 33rd Annual Report 2022-23

Corporate Overview

Statutory Reports

Financial Statements


Through a careful analysis of market dynamics, customer needs, and technological advancements, the Company has formulated a set of strategic imperatives that guide its decision-making and shape its future trajectory. These imperatives encompass various aspects, including product innovation, customer engagement, operational efficiency, and sustainable practices.

At the heart of the Company’s mission lies a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. AIA Engineering has strategically embedded a meticulous series of quality checks throughout every operational process, leaving no room for compromise. These checks are reinforced by vigilant supervision and regular mill audits, ensuring that the engineering solutions are nothing short of excellence.

The unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives the Company to go above and beyond. AIA Engineering understands that each customer is unique, with distinct requirements and expectations. That’s why the Company has established a purpose-driven approach, tailoring the engineering solutions to address their specific needs. By consistently delivering results that align perfectly with the customers’ demands, the Company forges enduring partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

Quality Checks

for increased customer satisfaction


to closely monitor installation of each wear part

Regular Mill Audits

to ensure higher efficiencies and better adaptability

Key Focus Areas
  • Adapting renewable power on a large scale to strengthen sustainable energy practices
  • Strategically positioned in the market by leveraging a deep understanding of various mill lining options
  • Expanding the offerings beyond grinding media and tapping into the growth potential of each type of mill lining
  • Constantly investing to enhance capabilities and product portfolio to maintain a competitive edge and meet evolving customer needs
  • Prioritising optimal performance by introducing automation and streamlining production processes to drive efficiency
Capex Plans

AIA continues to focus on capacity expansion to provide tailored solutions and fulfil global demand. During the year, the Company commissioned mill liners plant with a capacity of 50,000 TPA. Through its innovative solutions, the Company expects to reduce customer expenses and increase in throughput significantly.

195 Crores

Capex incurred during F.Y. 2022-23

Kerala GIDC Project

The Company continues to proceed with its brownfield capacity expansion of grinding media capacity. With an ongoing capex of ₹ 250 Crores, it is estimated to be commissioned by the end of F.Y. 2024-25

250 Crores

Capex to be incurred by F.Y. 2024-25

Restructuring of Manufacturing Operations

The restructuring of the Company’s manufacturing operations encompasses a range of strategic initiatives aimed at optimising operational efficiency. These initiatives include some capacity de-bottlenecking and restructuring, creation of warehouse space, pattern storage facilities and related infrastructure investment at an estimated cost of ₹ 200 Crores. While the primary objective of this restructuring is not to directly augment production capacity, it undoubtedly enhances their capability to manufacture specialised parts with precision and reliability. Company will also see 20,000 MT of capacity addition in castings because of de-bottlenecking.

200 Crores

Capex planned for reorganisation

Moreover, there is a significant emphasis placed on power consumption and its environmental impact. Aligned with the commitment to sustainability, The Company is dedicated to intensifying its utilisation of captive and renewable energy sources. By prioritising the adoption of environmentally-friendly practices, AIA Engineering endeavours to reduce the carbon footprint while ensuring long-term operational sustainability.

60 Crores

Investment in renewable energy resources